How to Care for your Indoor Gym Flooring

Gymnasium flooring at school in Long Island

Flex Court Athletics is a leading gym floor installation company, and it’s no secret why: our athletic flooring is the most versatile and durable on the market. Long Island homeowners and gymnasium managers can rely on Flex Court gym floors to perform time after time, even after an intense game or practice session. While our floors stand up well to heavy use, it’s important that you properly care for them to prolong their life and protect your investment. Follow our tips to care for floor and maintain its appearance for years to come.

Develop a Cleaning Routine

Indoor gyms are a great asset to any facility, especially if the space serves as a multi-purpose room. However, with such frequent use comes a cleaning routine that should be completed every other day, or as needed depending on use. Make sure you’re giving your indoor gym flooring the attention it deserves.

  • Check for sticky or stuck-on residue. A soft plastic putty knife can be used to get large debris off the court surface.
  • Immediately remove any spills on the surface of your floor
  • Use a large microfiber dust mop to sweep away any dirt or dust. We recommend at least a 60 inch mop to speed up the job.
  • When you mop the gymnasium floor, make sure you use floor cleaner that has been diluted with water. This will help eliminate left over cleaning residue that can damage your floor.
  • Check with our contractors before choosing a cleaning product. Some household cleaning products are not suitable for gymnasium floors.

Gym Floor Maintenance

Flex Court Athletics New York offer a wide array of flooring options to meet your needs. Whether you need an indoor basketball court or a rubber floor system for more versatility, we’ll install your flooring to your exact specifications. Gymnasium floors can provide a safe surface for athletes to practice or a space for your next event. An important part of your maintenance routine should be upholding the structure of the court. Follow these tips to prevent damaging the flooring.

  • Ensure all sports equipment, tables or bleachers are properly installed and protected. You can place plywood underneath heavier items to protect the court surface and provide additional support.
  • Avoid using any powered scrubbers or stiff brushes to remove stains or debris. You could damage the floor beneath more than you realize. Once the surface is damaged, it can affect the integrity of the entire system.
  • Never place tape in the flooring as the adhesive can permanently damage your floor. Ask Flex Court Athletics in Long Island about adding game line for almost sport or activity imaginable. You can also use small cones to break up the space if needed.

Your gymnasium sees a lot of action on a daily basis: it’s your job to make sure it can handle it! Start a daily cleaning routine to get the most out of your floor for years to come. To learn more about maintaining your Long Island gym floors, contact our team today!

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