Paddle Tennis Court Installation

Tennis players of Long Island, New York can rely on us for high quality, professionally installed sport courts!

Paddle Tennis Court Installation

Similar to traditional tennis, paddle tennis is played with a depressurized ball and a solid paddle, as the name suggests, rather than a strung racquet. The courts are also smaller than a classic tennis court with a lower net and lack double lanes. To Flex Court Athletics, however, the size of the court doesn’t matter. We provide high quality paddle tennis courts throughout Long Island with built-in flexion, orthopedically designed to reduce stress on the body and stand up to heavy use. Our Long Island indoor tennis courts have consistently been rated best-in-class for their price-to-performance ratio, offering excellent traction for athletes while still being forgiving enough to reduce risk of injury.

Quick, easy and professional installation means that your new paddle tennis court will be ready for play anywhere in Long Island in no time at all! Our talented design and installation teams are able to gauge the space available at your location, whether at a commercial location or your very own backyard, and install an indoor or outdoor tennis court to suit your needs and style. We work closely with you, keeping you involved throughout the entire design and installation process so you can rest assured that the job is being done to your specifications and budget. We know that you’ll just love your new Long Island sports court, whether you’re using it exclusively for paddle tennis or if you opt for our Multi-Sports Net System, featuring adjustable net collars for a variety of sports. There are several features of Flex Court Athletics tennis courts to enjoy, including:

  • Cooler surface temperatures than concrete or asphalt, making play more comfortable
  • Play within minutes after rain thanks to self-draining courts
  • Lower maintenance costs that cover chipped surfaces and cracks, never need to repaint or resurface
  • Fast and professional installation
  • Shock absorbing, ¾ inch thick co-polymer surface
  • Suitable for any climate thanks to our all-weather surfacing
  • And more!

Our Long Island paddle tennis court surfaces are USTA and ITF approved and are endorsed Jonas Borkman, a U.S. Open doubles and Wimbledon champion. Rated medium-to-fast by the ITF (International Tennis Federation), our sport court surfaces are perfect for competitive and casual play alike at a country club, sports complex or even your own backyard.

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With a variety of colors available to suit your tastes or team colors and a 25-30 year life expectancy, we have every confidence you’ll absolutely love your new paddle tennis court. We even back it up with a 15-year warranty, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re taken care of. If you’re ready for our top quality courts, call Flex Court Athletics at (631) 753-0003 or contact us online today and get a FREE design consultation!