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Take Your Game to the Next Level with Flex Court’s Home Basketball Court!

Backyard Courts

A home basketball court isn’t just a place to shoot some hoops. Flex Court Athletics’ fully customizable home outdoor basketball courts are the perfect place to gather with friends and family for any reason. All our backyard basketball courts include multi-purpose sports flooring, protecting your home outdoor basketball court from all weather. With a few simple steps, you can transform your backyard from a basketball court to a volleyball or racquetball court. The best part? Our patented multi-sport surfaces are safe for all types of gameplay and practice drills. That means you can get higher quality (and safer) practice time from the comfort of your very own home basketball court.

Benefits of a Home Outdoor Basketball Court from Flex Court Athletics

A quick search of “basketball court construction” can lead to a dizzying number of options. Let our years of expertise and knowledge make things easier for you. You provide the vision for your custom home basketball court; we’ll get to work bringing your vision to life.

Flex Court Athletics courts all have safety baked right into them. Our courts feature built-in Flexion, which is a stress reduction material. Our modular sports surfaces were made to provide maximum orthopedic stability via absorbing impact and reducing lateral and vertical stress.

A safer court means less wear and tear on your body. Less wear and tears mean less muscle fatigue. Less muscle fatigue means you can play at a high performance like the pros. Whether it is a small backyard basketball court or a massive one, our Flex Court technology gives players optimal playing conditions.

Flex Court Athletics Custom Basketball Court Construction and Installation

If you need a regulation-sized court or a small backyard basketball court, to anything in-between, let Flex Court Athletic handle your home basketball court construction needs. We will gladly work with any specific space requirements so you can have your dream home outdoor basketball court. We take just as much pride in our small backyard basketball courts as we do our bigger projects.

All Flex Court Athletics home basketball courts include:

  • Steel reinforced concrete pad
  • Shock-absorbing sports tile flooring is available in 16 standard colors
  • Single or double crank basketball hoop system with glass backboard and breakaway rim
  • Heavy-duty adjustable net system for tennis, badminton, volleyball, and more
  • Single or multiple 500-to-1500-watt light source based on court size (either 10 or 20 feet)
  • Rebounder system for practice
  • Fencing system in your choice of height between five to ten feet

Backyard Basketball Courts by Flex Athletics Are of the Highest Quality

Taking the complexities out of basketball court construction? Check.

Customizability ranging from a small backyard basketball court to a full-sized court? Check.

Maximizing the orthopedic stability of your home basketball court? Check.

Turning your backyard into your dream home basketball court? Double-check.

None of that means anything if your backyard basketball court is not of the highest quality. Our basketball courts are, and it is not just us who believes in the quality of our courts! The revolutionary nature of our home outdoor basketball courts is validated by the many endorsements we have received from professional coaches and athletes.

Flex Court Athletics offers full-service basketball court construction and turnkey installation, ensuring your court will be customized and ready to go within a timely fashion. The best part? Whether you have a big or small backyard basketball court, they all come with a lifetime system that includes a full 15-year warranty for quality assurance.

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Don’t just hang up a backboard in your backyard, describe it as a “home basketball court,” and call it a day. Play with the same hoops system the pros use and let your family enjoy the backyard basketball court of their dreams. Or volleyball court. Or racquetball court. Or badminton court.

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