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Roller Hockey Flooring in Long Island

Roller Hockey Court Installations across Metro New York & Long Island

As roller hockey grows in popularity, Flex Court is here to meet the increased demand for a place to pursue it. Flex Court Roller Courts feature a high impact polypropylene co-polymer material built for the rigors of the game. This material is designed to allow for free air movement, which in turn limits moisture and bacterial build-up. Our courts are maintenance-free and have the best performance to price ratio in the industry

Roller Hockey Flooring Quality

Our roller hockey courts feature a bridge wall understructure that dates back a thousand years and is used in all free-standing structures and bridges across the globe. Our 4mm thick top layer is the thickest in the business, and its exceptional wet/dry coefficient friction allows for a safer floor regardless of the surface conditions. Also, our locking system allows for staggered installation, which locks all corners in place and provides a smooth, level playing surface.

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Outdoor Roller Hockey Floor Customization

Customize and personalize your court in your image. 16 colors are available in all, each certain to give your own personal home-court advantage. You'll marvel at how our no sink surface makes the game faster and at how these amazing surfaces are engineered specifically for full response roller hockey.

There's a reason Flex Court roller courts are the official surface for ESPN Pro Beach Hockey, Major League Roller Hockey, Speed Hockey, USA Roller Skating, the Canadian Hockey Inline Association, and many more. Gym Flex Roller Courts come with a 10-year Manufacturer's Warranty.

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Roller Hockey Court Components

No court is complete without the proper equipment to give you the best gameplay possible! Night or day we offer lighting systems to illuminate your inline hockey court so you can keep playing even when the sun goes down. We also have rebounder systems for keeping balls from rolling off the court so you can put more focus on the game.

  • Multi-Sports Net Systems
  • Rebounder Systems
  • Ball Containment System
  • Court Light Systems
  • Batting Cage Systems

Backyard Roller Hockey Rinks

Flex Court provides top-quality backyard inline hockey court installation. In addition to more practice time, these backyard rinks make great additions to the property. Nothing beats the opportunity to play whenever you want. Day or night we have the experience to give you ultimate rink access at home.

Why Choose Flex Court Athletics for your Roller Hockey in Long Island?

Experienced Inline Hockey Rink Installers

We have over 30 years of experience installing courts of all kinds. We also have award-winning custom designed gunite pools, irrigation, and lighting systems, spas, fencing, cabanas, and recreational courts.

Roller Hockey Surface Safety

We bring quality to your doorstep. Our surfaces don’t fade or peel – even with heavy use. It’s tough, resilient flooring that will protect your joints, help reduce muscle fatigue, and propel you toward your goals.

Inline Hockey Service

With a fleet of over 30 radio-dispatched vehicles, we have the manpower to quickly install your hockey court, even during the busiest times of the year. We are one of the few local companies to have the capacity to complete 90% of all projects with our own equipment and staff.

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