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Custom indoor basketball court construction in Long Island

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Bring the NBA home with Flex Court Athletics’ professional indoor or outdoor basketball court installation for your Long Island home. Our custom sports surfaces feature our very own patented flooring and are installed using time-tested techniques that result in beautiful, long-lasting flooring systems.

If you are a hoops fan and love to play the game, nothing beats the convenience of having your very own court in your basement, garage or backyard. Our court designers are eager to help you make your dreams a reality with a custom installation designed just for your space. Whether you want a short practice space or a regulation-sized court, we can help you get the practice court you want. Our installation process is quick and easy, so you can get right to practicing your free throws and layups.

Hoop lovers throughout Long Island, NY love our basketball courts because of our special flooring materials and effective installation process. Our basketball court surfaces provide great orthopedic performance and joint support to reduce muscle fatigue and joint strains. You will love how our indoor and outdoor basketball courts require little to no maintenance and upkeep. Best of all, Flex Court Athletics’ practice surfaces and sports flooring systems are built to last, so you can take your game to another level entirely. Every homeowner that gets a custom indoor basketball court from us enjoys the following benefits:

  • Built-in flexion in our basketball surfaces for maximum stress reduction and injury prevention
  • Superior sports traction
  • Flooring that reduces fatigue and stress on the body
  • Optional rebounder systems
  • Multi-purpose pole installations for easy transition for racquetball, volleyball, or tennis games
  • Choice between regulation and custom court sizes
  • Custom design with 16 colors to choose from

An indoor basketball court from Flex Court Athletics makes a great addition to every Long Island and New York home. It adds resale value and provides you a perfect multi-purpose surface for all types of athletic activities. We don’t stop just with residential applications. Our team also installs commercial regulation courts as well, so your local gym, recreation center, place of worship, or school can enjoy an upgraded sports experience.

Whether your space is indoors or outdoors, we are here to help you create the basketball haven of your dreams. Contact us today at (631) 753-0003 to schedule your free initial design consultation. Enhance your game and your home all at once with a little help from Flex Court Athletics. Our team of expert designers and installers is ready to get your project underway!