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Frequently Asked Questions

You've decided to build a backyard court for your family, but now what? Find answers to a few of the common questions we receive about our Flex Court tiles and the different sports flooring we install. If you can't find the answers here, give us a call at (631) 753-0003 for information on our gym flooring and court tile products!

Basketball Court Installations

Can I build a basketball court in my backyard?

Lucky for you, Flex Court New York specializes in backyard basketball court installation! We can build you a customized basketball court tailored to your backyard that is great for the whole family!

How big is a backyard basketball court?

The dimensions of a backyard basketball court depend on your needs. Flex Court New York customizes various full-sized and half courts to match the available space.

Does a basketball court add value to a home?

A few studies have shown that basketball courts do add value to your home. They're especially profitable to prospective buyers with an athletic background.

Tennis Court Installations

How much does it cost to build a tennis court?

The cost to build a backyard tennis court will vary from project to project. Flex Court helps keep your costs down in the long run with long lasting court tiles that are easy to maintain. Contact Flex Court New York for more information on the potential costs of a tennis court installation.

What is the best base for a tennis court?

Though you can have an asphalt tennis court, or other stone base, we recommend post-tensioned concrete. Concrete courts work great with our Flex Court tiles and your tennis court construction.

How big of a space do you need for a tennis court?

Flex Court New York offers a range of court sizes to best fit your backyard court needs. Our smallest court dimensions for racquet sports start at about 30′ X 63'.

What are the 4 types of tennis courts?

The four tennis court surfaces are natural grass, artificial grass, clay, and hard courts. At Flex Court New York we specialize in hard courts that feature sport tiles with an amazing interlocking design and shock absorbing suspension systems.

In Home Gym & Weight Room Flooring

Which flooring is best for a gym?

Flex Court New York typically uses our rubber gym flooring for weight rooms. We also offer our exclusive HardwoodPrime™ for in home gyms coated with UV FleXshield to achieve the look and feel of real wood floors. This high-quality product offers a cost-efficient gym flooring option that is great for home gym flooring or commercial gyms.

How thick should a gym floor be for weights?

We recommend a 6mm thick rubber surface like our HardwoodPrime™ sports surface tiles to withstand the constant dropping of weights and hard impact.

How can I clean my rubber gym floor?

Flex Court rubber gym floors need little more than a damp mop or quick vacuum so you can worry less about maintenance and focus more on your workout.

Roller Hockey Flooring

What are roller hockey floors made of?

The roller hockey floors from Flex Court New York are made of a durable polypropylene co-polymer material. The flooring we offer for roller hockey uses a bridge wall understructure paired with a 4mm thick top layer featuring 16 different color options.

What is the size of a roller hockey rink?

The size of a roller hockey rink ranges from a recreational 20' x 40' surface to a full sized 85' x 200' surface. The size depends on who you intend to play on the rink and other sports that might be played on the flooring system. Call the team at Flex Court New York for more information about the best dimensions for your roller hockey rink.

Other Common Inquiries

Are Flex Court New York floor systems eco-friendly?

Yes, the Flex Court tiles used for all sports flooring options are made from recyclable materials and are known to last between 10-15 years.

Can you paint Flex Court tiles?

Our court tiles come in a variety of colors for you to choose from. You can customize the court tiles for your court's sport lines, inner court, keys, etc. The long-lasting tiles don't need to be repainted as they stay bright and vibrant throughout heavy foot traffic.

How can I clean my sport tiles?

One of the best things about the basketball court tiles, and other sports flooring, from Flex Court is the easy maintenance! All you need to do is use a leaf blower now and then to remove any debris. Sport tiles from Flex Court New York also drain rain quickly so you can lose the squeegee.

Does Flex Court provide sports systems?

Flex Court New York offers a variety of sports components for your new court. From net systems to FleXtreme basketball hoops, our New York team can install your court from floors to accessories.

Do Flex Court tiles come with a warranty?

Flex Court New York offers a 15-year warranty on its outdoor court tiles! The indoor court tiles for commercial multi-purpose gym flooring also come with a 10-year manufactures warranty. You'll even find that your basketball hoops are covered with a limited lifetime warranty so you can truly enjoy the game without worry.