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Pickleball Court Installation in New York

Choosing to build an outdoor pickleball court is a big decision. Basketball Courts of New York is here to help you achieve your goal with top performing rubber sports surfacing. Our contractors offer you both residential and commercial pickleball court construction in New York with Flex Court technology.

Pickleball Court Surface

Building a pickleball court at Basketball Courts of New York starts with the right playing surface. Just like our leading tennis courts, our contractors lay rubber tiles over asphalt or concrete to create the ideal pickleball surface. The interlocking design makes installation, resurfacing, and expanding a quick and efficient process.

Safety First Sports Tiles

Our surfaces use top performing outdoor tiles that feature high shock absorption and heat blocking technology. You can also find surface texture options that feature an abrasive-free coating system. These features mean less injuries and more comfort for both serious athletes and recreational players.

Surface Color Options

You'll love the variety of color options available when you choose our pickleball flooring. Our sport tiles offer you the ability to customize your court line, inner court, and outer court colors. Find out how to customize your pickleball court with the Flex Court designer.

Eco-Friendly & Weather Resistant

The court tiles used at Basketball Courts of New York are 100% recyclable making them the eco-friendly choice. They've also been known to outlive their warranty, meaning even less impact on the environment.

The pickleball sports tiles are also built to withstand harsh weather conditions. The drainage system and heat blocking technology allow athletes to safely hit the paddle year around.

Pickleball Court Layouts

From singles to doubles, we offer pickleball court layouts that fit both residential and commercial needs. A standard pickleball court's dimensions are 30 by 60 feet and might be a great fit for your backyard. If you're looking for a community pickleball court, Basketball Courts of New York offers multi-court installation.

Pickleball Layout 30x60 Pickleball Layout 60x60 Pickleball Layout 60x120

Pickleball Accessories

Choosing the court contractors at Basketball Courts of New York for your pickleball surface doesn't just mean prime sports tiles. You can also purchase accessories for your court like netting, lights, and rebounders. The one-stop shop experience is one of the many reasons New York communities and residents choose our court installation services.

Learn more about the game court components we offer with your pickleball court installation.


A huge highlight for our clients at Basketball Courts of New York is the easy to clean playing area. The pickleball courts installed by our expert contractors need little more than a leaf blower to keep the tiles fresh. The colors stay vibrant throughout years of heavy foot traffic and experience little to no water damage.

The drainage system allows you to spend less time with the squeegee and more time on the court. You'll also notice a significant difference in the amount of crack and patch repairs. In the event that you do need repairs, Flex Court sports tiles are easy to resurface and expand.

Sports Tile Warranty

Our contractors are confident in the work they can provide for you. That's why Basketball Courts of New York offers a 15-year warranty on our sports tiles.

Choosing Basketball Courts of New York

Basketball Courts of New York is ready to serve you with prime Flex Court sports tiles. We offer you an all-in-one game court installation experience that clients love. From lighting and nets to pickleball court surfaces we have you covered with 90% of your court's needs.

Call today at (631) 753-0003 for a free quote on your custom pickleball court installation in New York.