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In-Home Gym Flooring Installation in New York

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Shortly after installing a home gym you'll wonder how you lived without one for so long.  Flex Court's multi-purpose flooring provides the perfect surface on which to workout at home.  Superior action, support, and safety make the results you seek infinitely more attainable.

Flex Court's gym flooring is made from our exclusive MAPLE FLEX™.  Built for low maintenance and high performance, this state of the art modular wood laminate is tougher and more durable than traditional hardwood floors yet more forgiving on the bodies of those who use it.  Because this surface is unaffected by moisture due to its unique arched wall support structure, there is no risk of mildew of bacterial build-up.  It also has the lowest installation costs of any floor system on the market and consistently yields the highest performance-to-price ratio in its class.  In short, it's the preeminent alternative to expensive hardwood floors.

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Our gym flooring is committed to the ideals of reducing stress and fatigue and absorbing impact.  Those who use this surface on a regular basis experience a reduction in injuries and soreness, which in turn promote increased activity and better health.  And due to its excellent wet/dry co-efficient friction, it's a safer floor to plant, cut, and explode on regardless of the surface conditions.  Such conditions promise maximum performance and deliver time and again.

A gym space should be not only comfortable but also aesthetically reflective of your personal tastes.  We're proud to offer a multitude of custom designs and color options with the end goal of creating a workout space that speaks to your needs in every way.  Flex Court's Gym Flex flooring comes with a 10-year Manufacturer's Warranty.

Gym Flex is a trademark of Flex Court Athletics