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Basketball Courts

Basketball Courts

In the market for the highest performance outdoor basketball court in the industry?  Look no further.  Those who've invested in our basketball courts have come to see the advantages of playing on the healthiest and safest surface on the market today.

Pursue your hoops on a surface designed with built-in flexion for maximum stress reduction and injury prevention.  With surfaces built for long life and maximum performance and open to custom design, you'll discover a new outlet for family fun and a new look for your backyard.

Our courts can make themselves at home in just about any setting including recreation centers, parks, schools, corporate facilities, and special events.  Our modular sports surface was designed with an eye toward orthopedic soundness and the reduction and absorption of impact.  The ability to reduce sports-related injuries and fatigue while improving performance will be our lasting legacy.  Flex Court basketball courts include:

Basketball Courts
  • Improved outdoor game performance from ultimate foot traction
  • Lower surface temperatures
  • No standing in water or puddles
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Regulation and custom court sizes

The incredible traction you'll experience on a Flex Court basketball court assures conditions for your maximum performance.  We're proud to be a supporter of both NCAA basketball as well as the NBA 3 on 3 competition.  Don't wait any longer to bring the games you love home with you.  And because our courts come with a 15-year warranty, the fun you'll experience is built to last.

Flex Court is a trademark of Flex Court Athletics