Benefits of a Basketball Court Installation in Long Island, NY

Benefits of a Basketball Court Installation in Long Island, NY

Improved health at your home or work with custom basketball court installations

Between the television, video games and social media, it can be difficult to convince children to go outside and play – especially if there isn’t a park or sports complex nearby. However, one activity is known to pull kids away from their devices and into the fresh air: basketball. From group pick-up games to endless matches of H.O.R.S.E., a basketball court has a certain appeal that brings people of all ages together to bask in the sunshine and shoot hoops. For most Long Island families, a basketball court installation could be just the thing to bring the whole family together and encourage healthier, more active lifestyles. Here are three of the biggest benefits of a residential basketball court installation.

Encourages Exercise

A home basketball court is convenient for group get-togethers and solo practice sessions alike. Kids have no excuse to forgo exercising, but they probably won’t want to skip exercising with a basketball court of their own so close by. Adjustable goals make it easy for parents to challenge their children as they grow, turning a recreational addition to your home into an investment that will last for generations. And, as an added benefit, a home court is a safe environment for everyone to hang out and play—no more worrying about when your child and their friends will return from the public courts.

Less Expensive Than an Indoor Gym

Want to get in shape without leaving the house? An in-home gym can be expensive and take a long time to develop. Plus, it takes up space you could be using for something else. A basketball court installation is fast, convenient, and offers the potential for much more interesting workouts. It can also be custom-designed to your exact specifications, even down to the color of the floors.

Incredibly Versatile

Although basketball courts are naturally used for basketball, they can be used for many other sports, as well. Games like badminton and volleyball are so much better on a real court surface. Sports turf court installations are able to teach kids how to work together as a team in many different types of sports, how to make new friends and improve their interpersonal skills, and how to play at a competitive level.

Our long-lasting residential basketball court installations are perfect for families or groups of friends who want to encourage their kids to stay active while getting more exercise themselves. If you would like to learn more, please call Flex Court’s home or backyard sports court installation specialists at 631-753-0003 for a FREE design consultation, or contact us online to talk to one of our knowledgeable installers today!

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