Benefits of Commercial Long Island Rubber Flooring for Gyms

Improved safety for your fitness center with versatile rubber gym flooring options


In New York, and particularly in Long Island, gym flooring for commercial locations of all shapes and sizes is big business, and getting bigger all the time. Rubber flooring for commercial locations such as gyms, workout rooms and different types of sports courts is a wise investment for the health and safety of those who visit on a regular basis, especially since countless injuries can be avoided thanks to its shock absorbent abilities. Here is a list of some of the basic advantages that a commercial indoor or outdoor gym flooring installation provides to visitors looking to get fit and have fun in a safe, fun and relaxing environment.

  1. Commercial rubber applications used for gym floors can significantly decrease the potential for slip and fall accidents, especially when gym-goers become sweaty or when members wear old sneakers that do not provide enough grip as they work out. By design, commercial gym flooring is engineered to be as slip resistant and easy to maintain as possible, no matter the exercise routine you are performing. Rubber gym flooring is also simple to clean if there have been any accidental spillages.
  1. Heavy-duty rubber gym flooring used for homes and commercial locations is both durable and extremely malleable, which means that it can offer cushioning to your joints as you exercise. Whether you enjoy mild aerobic exercises or mores vigorous workouts with weightlifting equipment, rubber flooring cushions your feet, legs, joints, and back to help reduce foot fatigue and painful injuries.
  1. Rubber gym floors are great at reducing noise by dampening vibrations as you exercise with heavy apparatus, so those around you won’t be disturbed or distracted as you workout with barbells or dumbbells. They also protect the floor beneath heavy machines and weights when they are moved from one place to another, since huge (and noticeable) dents may otherwise create ugly gouges, tears, scrapes, and/or small holes on normal floor materials.
  1. On a purely aesthetic level, rubber floors for residential and commercial gyms are available in a vast array of different styles and colors, and logos can be custom designed and added to the area to deliver a more sleek and professional look.

On the whole, rubber gym flooring is hard to scratch or scuff and can withstand chemical spills, as well as cigarette burns and other unpleasant-looking stains and blemishes, giving owners and users alike many years of long-term use. If you are thinking of opening a commercial gym or home fitness center, impress your clients with rubber gym flooring from Flex Court of New York! Our high-quality rubber gym flooring is suitable for backyards as well as inside homes and large commercial facilities.

Please call the Long Island gym flooring installation specialists at Flex Court of New York today at (631) 753-0003 for further details about the FREE design consultations we offer, or contact us online to talk to one of our knowledgeable installers!

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